What do you want from an exercise class?

Energise 2 Music is the outcome of a long search for 'a better way' to create community through movement.

If you are not as young as you used to be, not super-fit and a little bit concerned about whether you'll be able to keep up...
If you are looking for something to get you out of the house for an hour that won't leave you aching for a week...
And if you want to feel good in and about your own body...
You are in the right place.

Energise classes are a distillation of ideas that provides the best exercise or dance experience without wearing you out. You care enough about yourself to try and find a way to be fitter and healthier, however you may want to begin gently and have fun while you regain some fitness. Perhaps you experienced an injury or something else that stopped you exercising in the past, so you are looking for a low impact experience to get you moving again.

My classes are a combination of dance, gentle stretch and a little bit of a challenge. A distillation of ideas to encourage and invite you to move your own way, as much or as little as you want, with guidance rather than strict instructions. Classes can be tailored to fit what you need, either as part of a group or in a 1-2-1 situation.
The new Energise 2 Music schedule will be posted here asap.

Movement is life - we need to move, so let's make it fun!

Who am I?

An injury took me from being strong and active to barely able to walk (full story here). Everything I learned during my recovery journey helped shape my teaching style. Through these experiences I realised that I, and more than likely you, often want just to be encouraged to move in a fun way. Like me, you may prefer guidance rather than rules, and long for permission and space to reconnect with your body and remind yourself who you really are.
We need to feel and be fully present in this ever-changing world and gentle dance is a fun way to begin that process.

Does this sound like your thing? Any questions?
Sent me an email or visit our Contact page and I'll tell you more.